Trek - Challenges grade 7 and 8 students to apply Gods word.


Trek youth have the opportunity to learn in a Bible study format while developing leadership and serving skills with the Trek program offered on Tuesday evenings at Oakley Park Public School during regular club time.

After completing the entrance booklet, Trek Check, clubbers work together through the materials that are designed as a group study. Lessons include a tour of the Bible, the character of God, and applying Christian principles to real life situations.

Trek clubbers progress toward the Awana Citation Award by completing books from the Trek and T&T series. At the end of the year ceremony, Trek clubbers may receive:

  • Alpha Award (completed one book and at least third grade)
  • Excellence Award (completed two books and at least fourth grade)
  • Challenge Award (completed three books and at least fifth grade)
  • Timothy Award (completed four books and at least sixth grade)
  • Trek Milestone (completed five books and at least seventh grade)
  • Meritorious Award (completed six books and at least eighth grade)
  • Trek Extra Mile for completing all 15 optional handbook challenges

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